About Me

Yup. I just deleted the blog that used to be here. Not that it was a good one, but I had not blogged in it for quite some time and now when I looked at it, it felt like reading someone else’s blog. I’m in a different career now. I was into making reports and dashboards then and now for the last 3 years I’ve returned back to good old programming. I’m a Java developer, creating API services that involve reactive programming, data streams, graph databases and document databases. I like this better. I’d like programming things that involve pictures, animations and sounds even more. But what I do is good.

Then why did I come here and delete the blog that was just sitting there, not harming anyone?

I’ve started feeling like I’m no longer great at my job. I’ve forgotten many old lessons. I’m stuck between being a manager who has to organise tickets, being a leader who has to coach developers, and being a developer who has to be very very good at coding. Juggling between the three is taking a toll, but I don’t think it’s unfair. That’s the trade and I need to get good at it. Also, I’ve lost the habit of doing hobby projects – fun things, coding-related, that have nothing to do with my job. I think those are the ones I learned the most from.

I’ll just be writing whatever I find interesting at that time.

Author: heppydepe

I'm Heppy Depe. (Read "Heppy" like "Peppy" and "Depe" like "DayPay"). Writing under a pseudonym because .. I dunno I just felt like writing under a pseudonym. I'm still trying to find the perfect picture of a fish to set as my profile photo.

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