Python Basics: Data Science with Python Part 2

This tutorial is part of a series “Data Science with Python”. A set of tutorials aimed at helping beginners get started with data science and Python. Consider this article a super fast tutorial for Python. But I’m not taking the usual feature-by-feature tutorial route. This is a super fast introduction to Python. Because there’s an … Continue reading “Python Basics: Data Science with Python Part 2”

Are Certifications Worth It?

About a decade ago, I experienced – what I consider – an explosion of ‘certified professionals’ in the software development world. From programming languages to operating systems – and even software development practices like agile methodology – there was a certification available for everything. Some of these certificates made sense to me. For example Sun … Continue reading “Are Certifications Worth It?”

Functional Programming Vs. Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming has been the de-facto programming methodology since they day I learnt that there is something called computer programming. Several of the most popular programming languages are primarily object oriented programming languages. The most commonly asked interview questions for programmers are about object oriented programming. Until, functional programming just blew up a few … Continue reading “Functional Programming Vs. Object Oriented Programming”

SPA or Not

The latter half of the last decade can be considered an explosion of SPAs. With introduction of Angular 2, ReactJS, Vue and a ton of such frameworks, creating highly interactive web pages became very easy. So easy that competing technologies like Java applets and Flash are being pushed into extinction. Of course whenever a new … Continue reading “SPA or Not”


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