SOLID principles

One of the biggest advantages of object oriented programming is the amount of good practices and design patterns that have been researched and documented. Most of these exist so that introducing changes in future is easy and safe. Once a piece of software reaches critical mass, it inevitably ‘hardens’ – making changes to it is … Continue reading “SOLID principles”

New Year Resolutions

I know most of us hardly stick to new year resolutions. But I still like making them. It makes me size up my life and think of what I have and what I miss. For this year, I want to – 1. Get Off the Computer If you’re the typical developer, you probably have all … Continue reading “New Year Resolutions”

Python Basics: Data Science with Python Part 2

This tutorial is part of a series “Data Science with Python”. A set of tutorials aimed at helping beginners get started with data science and Python. Consider this article a super fast tutorial for Python. But I’m not taking the usual feature-by-feature tutorial route. This is a super fast introduction to Python. Because there’s an … Continue reading “Python Basics: Data Science with Python Part 2”

Are Certifications Worth It?

About a decade ago, I experienced – what I consider – an explosion of ‘certified professionals’ in the software development world. From programming languages to operating systems – and even software development practices like agile methodology – there was a certification available for everything. Some of these certificates made sense to me. For example Sun … Continue reading “Are Certifications Worth It?”


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